Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Historical Fiction - Giles

Janice Holt Giles:
[Some of her books loosely follow a couple of familes to Kentucky and beyond. I have grouped these together insofar as is possible.]

The following are suitable for as young as pre-teen IF the child is an advanced reader and emotionally mature:
  • The Kentuckians - earliest settling of Kentucky
  • Hannah Fowler - Kentucky
  • Run Me a River - Civil War
  • The Believers - story of a couple's conversion to the Shaker faith - I would not give this one to a pre-teen.  I need to re-do the post.
  • The Land Beyond the Mountains - struggle for statehood
  • Johnny Osage - Oklahoma Territory
(This list is very incomplete while I attempt to compile the stories in historical order.)

Some of her books are not at ALL suitable for pre-teens, and one or two are truly adult books.  I will eventually get them all sorted out and on here.  It's very hard to get some of them, so it's taking me a long time.